Noble ever since

Palazzo Shedir stands in the premises of the ancient Gallery of Palazzo Borghese. Located in the historical Rione Campo Marzio, just a few minutes’ walk from the Spanish Steps and the Eternal City’s unmissable artistic and architectural landmarks, the Palace was, for a long time, the private residence of the Borghese Family, one of the most powerful and influential dynasties of seventeenth-century Europe.

The Gallery’s construction was commissioned by Prince Giovanni Battista Borghese to the architect Carlo Rainaldi (1611 – 1691), who worked together with the brilliant Bolognese stage designer Giovanni Francesco Grimaldi (1606 – 1680). The Prince’s intuition in entrusting the work to these two craftsmen, already famous at that time for carrying out important architectural interventions in the Italian capital, proved infallible: at the end of the special quest, the exceptional result was there for all to admire.

In the very heart of Rome
since 1678

Palazzo Shedir

The whole wing, together with its interiors fully immersed in art and elegance, immediately stood out as one of the most innovative and sumptuous artistic creations in Rome at the time. Completed in May 1678, the Gallery, which today accommodates the exclusive spaces of Palazzo Shedir, left the whole city breathless. Those rooms immediately appeared magnificent to those who had the opportunity to see them in person, admiring the presence and impeccable use of all the decorative typical elements of the Italian Baroque.

Palazzo, yesterday and today

After a meticulous renovation, this treasure chamber of art, beauty and Roman spirit, brought back to its ancient splendour and furnished with the taste and refinement that characterizes the Shedir Group Hotels, is now opening its doors to offer its wonders and a new, exclusive concept of hospitality that is nowhere else to be found in the Eternal City.

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